Water Transforms David

For a regular guy from Cambria, California it’s all about challenging our traditional understanding of ocean swimming and simply, our Earth’s waterscape.

His personal and professional achievements are just part of the story. With such a down-to-earth style, he will share his passion and experiences.

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Live Your Dreams and Build Everything Else Around It

About David

It will be an emotional, physical and mind-bending journey as he weaves his picture-perfect recollections of dolphins accompanying him in training; or during practice in Hawaii, a whale appears in partnership; or when he recalls releasing his soul to the ocean after a fatal heart attack during marathon swim drowning off the Ventura coast only to come back to life again seventy-five minutes later.

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At age six, David begged a coach at the Beverly Hills YMCA for a spot on the swim team.

Normally participants were required to be at least eight years old.

Sensing an abnormal determination, the coach said if David could do the crawl for a mile nonstop, he’d qualify. David did.

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Keynote Themes

  • Professional Development
  • Active Lifestyle
  • Extreme Sports
  • Adventure

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Passionate about swimming? Motivated to reach a life goal? Triumph originates with courage. Courage originates with focus, perseverance and determination.

Email: beth@davidyudovinchannelswimmer.com

David has an aura and energy that is truly magnified when surrounded and immersed by water.